Piping and drainage

Tailing facilities, Raw water dam, process platforms, storm water transfer channels, pipelines and drainage, road rehabilitations, earthwork and park areas for shopping complexes, access platforms and portals, tunneling, vents shafts and quarries, open cast and cleaning services integrating technical disciplines within communication infrastructures across a broad spectrum of industry, commerce and public access networks. Installations of Gas pipes. We do this by establishing your exact requirements and then identifying a bespoke solution to match your specific needs.


  1. Assembly of conductors
  2. Maintenance of substations
  3. Construction of substations
  4. OPGW installations
  5. High voltage overhead lines
  6. Stringing and cabling
  7. Line overhead audits for street poles
  8. Electrification of urban and rural areas
  9. Installations of transformers and servicing
  10. Installations of OHL


  1. Excavations for open drains
  2. Clearing and shaping existing open drains
  3. Excavation for subsoil drainage systems
  4. Impermeable backfilling to subsoil drainage systems
  5. Manholes boxes
  6. Junction boxes
  7. Concrete caps for subsoil drain pipes
  8. Cleaning eyes for Subsoil Drainage systems